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About Us

Founded in 1856 ...

Schoenhof's Foreign Books was founded in 1856 and offers the biggest selection of foreign books in North America. Our main store is located in Harvard Square with thousands of titles including classics in original Greek or Latin, contemporary foreign literature and language learning materials. Our most extensive selection is in French, German, Italian and Spanish yet hundreds of other languages and dialects are also represented in the store. For over 150 years, Schoenhof's has been America's gateway to the world of books.

If you happen to live in or be visiting Cambridge, we'd be glad to welcome you in person in our store.

Hours Of Operation

Schoenhof's Foreign Books
76 A Mount Auburn Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Tel.: 617.547.8855
Monday - Wednesday, Friday & Saturday, 10.00 AM - 6.00 PM EST;
Thursday 10.00 AM - 8.00 PM EST;

Schoenhof's Distribution Center
8124 N. Ridgeway Avenue
Skokie, IL 60076
Toll Free Tel.: 800.277.4645
Fax: 847.676.1195
Monday - Friday, 8.00 AM - 6.00 PM CST

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

With millions of books to be found throughout the world our site is constantly being updated to add new titles, but if you don't find the title you are looking for on the site, please send us an e-mail to or call us at 617.547.8855 and we'll be happy to assist you in locating it.

Our Customers Say It Best ....

Treasure Chest!
By A Yahoo! Contributor
Great collection of books in multiple languages. Literature, classics, philosophy, poetry, children's books, language learning name it. Justifiably pricy, but a lot of very good values. A treasure chest that I wish I'd discovered long ago...

Useful for a dabbler like me
By A Yahoo! Contributor
I can't comment on the value of this classic book venue for fluent speakers, but I have modest knowledge of a few languages besides English and depend on Shoenhof's for dictionaries and texts with modest requirements. I find their store very well laid out and spacious. Prices are excellent.

Katie L From Boston, MA
As a foreign-language fiend and french lit grad student, Schoenhof's is one of a million bookstores I have combed to find more books than I can count. They are certainly not the cheapest (imported books never are) and if you need something special ordered for a class or anything that has a deadline, make sure to order early - it always seems to take forever.

The pluses - they will get you whatever you need. If you can't find it anywhere else, they will get it for you here. And you wont have to pay a load of money to have it shipped from wherever in the world it is coming from. They also have a great selection in-store, and a load of great children's books.

Victoria N. From North Las Vegas, NV This store is utterly amazing. Much, much more than what was expected. Huge store, and languages from all over the world (even the most obscure)...both literature and language-learning books. Adorable children's books, and Harry Potter in probably more than ten languages! We heard one of the guys speak three languages in the time we were there, and I wonder how many more he knows. People like him (and the store) are friendly and really inspiring, yet intimidating at the same time and almost depressing, heh. I was temped to give it 4 stars, but there is no other store like this, so it really is "as good as it gets," per Yelp standards. Gotta love it!

Rachel M. From San Francisco, CA
Love it love it. Always stop here when I'm in the square. Last time I picked up a Roberto Bolano book, time before that Zoe Valdes. They are serious about what they do and will help you find what you need. What's not to love?

Lauren B. From Somerville, MA
I've been a fan of foreign languages since high school, and Schoenhof's is right up my alley. They have both literary and instructional books in almost every language you can think of. I needed a Basque phrasebook, a language most people have never heard of, and they had exactly what I wanted for a reasonable price. I love the selection of children's books as well - I got some great gift ideas just in that section alone. The staff can be slightly intimidating, but they are extremely knowledgeable. I tend not to buy too much here because the prices are pretty high for the most part, but I love to just browse when I have some time to kill. It's a must-go whenever I'm in the area.

Dan G. From Winthrop, MA
This bookstore is pretty awesome. I went here a couple years ago to get my german textbook and they had books of every kind in every language.
I need to make a trip back here and take a look, but the books were reasonably priced and the store is just awesome.

Stephanie M. From Sacramento, CA
Schoenhof's is da BOMB. Best foreign-language bookstore in the US of A. For those of you who speak or read another language, this place should not be missed. If you are in the Boston area, GO.

Hell, they have ELOISE (the Kay Thompson ELOISE, of course) in French. I can't even find that in FRANCE.

I've been visiting for 25 years now.

By A Yahoo! Contributor
Somewhat expensive, but really, really useful. browsing may result in rapid $$ depletion... :)

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