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Aeneid I-VI by Virgil

Aeneid I-VI by Virgil

by Virgil
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ISBN10: 1853994960
ISBN13: 9781853994968
Author: Virgil
Length: 524 pages
Format: Paperback
Publish Date: 1998
Language: Latin


This is the first volume of R. Deryck Williams' classic edition of the Aeneid, covering books I-VI. It includes the Latin text, with English introduction, an extensive commentary and notes by this renowned Virgilian scholar.

Designed for upper school and university students, the commentary discusses the life and works of Virgil, the legend of Aeneas, structure and themes and Virgil's hexameter. It interprets the poetic methods and intentions of the Aeneid, and explains not only what Virgil says, but how he says it and why he says it in the particular way which he chooses. Williams considers the limitations and similarities of diction from English poets - particularly Spenser and Milton - in order to illuminate the literary impact of the Virgilian passage. Williams' aim was to be "concise rather than omissive" and his notes remain an example of clarity and good sense for any student approaching the first half of the Aeneid in whole or in part.

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