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Hebrew with Ease Superpack

Hebrew with Ease Superpack

by Assimil
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ISBN10: 2700580605
ISBN13: 9782700580600
Author: Assimil
Length: 804 pages, 2 hours and 50 minutes
Format: Paperback Book and Four Audio CDs and One MP3 CD
Publisher: Assimil
Publish Date: March, 2015
Language: Hebrew and English


Perfect for beginners and false beginners!

To date, Hebrew is spoken by about 7.5 million people in Israel and the Jewish diaspora worldwide. It is one of the oldest languages ​​in the world, and expresses the most venerable and most modern realities. This method teaches English speakers modern Hebrew. It also teaches Hebrew writing: step by step, you will became a master of Hebrew letters. An intuitive learning method with 85 dialogues, with "Hebrew with Ease" you will discover, through many notes on civilization, a fascinating people, country, and language.

CD. This set includes an MP3 CD and 4 audio CD's with dialogues matching the book. The records present the full texts of the Hebrew lessons and the book translation exercises. They are performed at a gradual pace, by professional native speakers.

The MP3 CD allows you to load all or part of the records of the method on your MP3 player. You can listen to the lessons and exercises continuously or sentence by sentence. The MP3 CD contains studio quality recordings and as many sound files and text in Hebrew sentences in the book. If your drive supports this feature, the texts are displayed simultaneously while listening.

All components of the Superpack are available individually.

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