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Russian with Ease Super Back

Russian with Ease Super Back

by Assimil
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ISBN10: 2700580265
ISBN13: 9782700580266
Author: Assimil
Length: 672 pages
Format: Paperback Book and Four Audio CDs and One MP3 CD
Publisher: Assimil Italia
Publish Date: 2/21/2012
Language: English


Method for learning Russian to English

Like many other Slavic languages, Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabet, writing introduced upon the evangelization of Russia by the monks Cyril and Method, hence its name. Understand this new way of writing and the language will open the doors of Russian culture, whose influence radiates undoubtedly a large part of Eastern Europe.

Texts that serve as the basis for your learning present Russian as it is spoken today and help you discover, often with a touch of humor, everyday life, literature, history and the peculiarities of the Russian character.

Full text in Russian, lessons and exercises in translation of the book. They are performed at a gradual pace, by professional native speakers. The MP3 CD can load all or part of the records on your MP3 player.

4 CD Audio Book + 1 CD + MP3 (1 pound of 100 lessons in 672 pages + 1 CD + 4 CD mp3 audio lasting 2:50)

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