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Arabic with Ease Superpack

Arabic with Ease Superpack

by Assimil
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ISBN10: 2700580524
ISBN13: 9782700580525
Author: Assimil
Length: 816 pages, 3 hours and 20 minutes
Format: Paperback Book, Audio CD pack, MP3 CD
Publish Date: March, 2015
Language: Arabic and English


Perfect for beginners and false beginners!

Arabic is the official language of 22 countries, with about 300 million speakers worldwide. Arabic has many dialects, but modern Arabic is a unifying instrument of language. This method uses the common Arabic language, which is very close to the classical or literary Arabic, called "unified modern Arabic." It can be used for understanding Arabic news and radio broadcasts, along with everyday life.

As an anglophone, you will learn to master reading and many simple constructions and phrases for everyday life, while very gradually introducing you to writing. Your skills gradually give you a way to express yourself and make yourself understood in an Arabic-speaking environment. The tips that accompany the lessons guide you step by step on the road to independence, and in the end, you will understand the press and radio, and express yourself in all situations of daily life.

The MP3 CD and four audio CD's have the audio that corresponds to the exercises in the book. The audio files are performed at a gradual pace, by professional native speakers. You can listen to the lessons and exercises continuously or sentence by sentence. The CD's and MP3's allow you to load all or part of the records of the method on your MP3 player or computer. If your computer or player supports this feature, when you use the MP3 disk the texts are displayed simultaneously listening.

All components of the Arabic with Ease Superpack are available separately.

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